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Hybrid Electric & Electric Commercial Vehicles

EVO Electric motors and generators meet the high power and torque requirements of medium and heavy duty hybrid vehicles.

Our products enable commercial vehicle operators to improve fuel economy, lower maintenance and parts replacement costs, and lower their environmental footprint.

‘…100% power increase and 60% weight reduction’

In all-electric vehicles, the EVO Electric motors light weight has the added advantage of enabling increased driving range. In the case of a delivery van, 100% power increase and 60% weight reduction can be achieved compared to conventional technology. This weight reduction is directly translated to fuel economy and increased driving range, expanding the functionality of inner city delivery vans and trucks

Another advantage of high power density is the possibility to fit motors in specialised hybrid and electric vehicles with limited space, such as low-floor delivery vehicles. Wheel mounted configurations enable the elimination of the rear axle, freeing up additional space for cargo.

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