EVO Electric products are applicable to a wide range of transportation and power generation markets. Our products are most beneficial in applications where high power and high torque have to be provided within a constrained space and weight environment, such as:

  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Auxiliary power units and mobile gensets

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

EVO Electric high-performance axial flux motors and gensets offer numerous advantages over conventional radial flux machines, including reduced footprint and weight per kW of power and Nm of torque. This enables higher fuel economy, lower emissions, and extra space for passengers and cargo.

Moreover, EVO Electric proprietry technology is ideal for direct drive solutions. Differentials and gear boxes can be eliminated, further reducing the weight of the drivetrain and increasing fuel economy. The lower number of system components also saves space and costs. Compared to conventional diesel powered buses, this enables up to significant fuel efficiency improvements, and ~15% improvement on conventional hybrid solutions.

The inherently high peak power and torque ratings of the EVO Electric product range also enables a significant downsizing of the main combustion engine within a hybrid electric power train.