The evolution of power | hybrid electric

About EVO Electric

EVO Electric develops and manufactures hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions based on proprietary axial flux motor/generator technology.

Their vision is to provide cleaner, higher performance and more cost effective solutions to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable transport and power generation technologies.

Their core competence is in the design and manufacture of Axial Flux Motors / Generators. Axial flux machines have significant benefits over conventional radial flux machines, but until now have been held back by high manufacturing costs. EVO’s innovations in materials technology, design and manufacture have enabled the successful implementation of machines which meet the requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles as well as other challenging applications.


Key features of the EVO Electric product range:

  • High power density: over 1.5kW/kg continuous, 3kW/kg peak*
  • High torque density: over 4Nm/kg continuous, 12Nm/kg peak*
  • Highly efficient: over 95%@3500rpm
  • Modularity: units can be stacked to increase power, providing continuous torque outputs in the range of 180Nm to 540Nm
  • Application flexibility: units designed for use as in-wheel motors/generators and other innovative drive train solutions (please contact us for custom solutions)

EVO Electric work with OEMs, system integrators and fleet operators to co-develop new vehicles as well as retrofit existing vehicle fleets.

EVO Electric Ltd is a Cleantech 100 Company

The Guardian Library House 2008 Cleantech 100 is developed to highlight a group of the most promising ‘cleantech’ companies in Europe. Selection is based on the potential for future growth and environmental impact from companies with leading edge products and technologies that are just coming to market.